Golf Lessons


As golf instructors we wear many different hats. Over the course of a lesson we find ourselves teaching, coaching, and guiding students towards their goals based on the golfer's specific needs. There is no cookie cutter approach to what we do. We use each student's physical attributes to create a unique approach for each golfer.


Every great swing has a great foundation. Grip, aim, and stance is where we start every lesson.  We use timeless fundamentals combined with state of the art technology to help students learn.


Everything from your ball flight, to your equipment, and even your practice plan.  We make sure every aspect of your game is maximized so you can play your best golf.


 A large part of golf is understanding cause and effect and why an outcome occurs.  From ball flight to scoring results, the why is most important in every student's learning process.  


Summit Golf School Membership. Is a monthly fixed price that includes lessons, junior golf development programs, adult clinics, club fitting fees and more.

One Person
Two People
Three People
Four People

Lesson Rates

30 Minutes
Series of (6) $400
45 Minutes
Series of (4) $400
60 Minutes
Series of (4) $500
TrackMan Suite Rental
$48 Members