Junior Golf Development

The four programs below make up our Junior Golf Development Program.  We suggest all of our juniors start in our US Kids Golf Program.  It is a great program that meets during a weekly basis in the fall and spring.  Our Play Day at The Summit is a perfect spot to transition your junior onto the golf course in a positive competitive environment.  Juniors have the option of playing 2, 3, 6, or 9 holes based on their ability.  During the summer season we offer PGA Junior League and Summer Camps.  Please follow the links below for more information and registration.  If you would like individual lesson rates please visit or golf lessons page.  For any additional questions you might have please contact Lauren at lauren@summitgolfschool.com .

U.S. Kids Golf Classes

U.S Kids Golf is a five week program with two sessions during the Fall and Spring.  Junior Golfers are taken through the five levels of development under the U.S. Kids Golf curriculum.  Students earn pins at every level after passing a challenge on the topics of putting, chipping, knowledge, full swing, and scoring. 

Play Day at The Summit

Play Day at The Summit takes place once a month during the school year and once a week during the summer.  Junior Golfers begin by playing two holes and work their way up to three, six, and nine holes after scoring a certain score in each hole category.  A great place for your junior to get on the golf course and learn how to compete in a positive environment. 

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is great for junior golfers ages 5-13.  All skill levels.  Juniors are separated into groups based on their age and ability.  Groups then rotate through different stations everyday that cover the fundamentals of golf including rules and etiquette. Equipment can be provided free of charge.


PGA Junior League

PGA Junior League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls ages 13 and under to learn and enjoy the game of golf. Much like other recreational league sports, participants wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with their friends.  During the course of one game, teams play four 9-hole matches in a popular two-person scramble format, reinforcing the team concept and creating a nurturing environment for learning the game.  Please search for "Summit Golf School" when registering.